1. Admission welcome process – All greet the patient and their family to welcome them to the unit.

2. Face-to-Face bedside reporting–Perform all components of HELP

H – Discuss High-Risk Medications

E – Assess all Equipment

L – Check Lines, Airways, and Drains

P – Assess Pain and Share Plan of Care.

3. Back to Basics–AM/PM care

4. Develop a Patient Relationship–Five minute sit down

5. Medication review–All medications from home and newly prescribed

6. Unit-basedRN/MD teams–MD designated for each unit and collaborates with CNM/Director

7. Discharge wrap-up–CNM/Charge Nurse identifies patients for discharge, then reviews discharge folders for accuracy. RN reviews all discharge instructions and medications with the patient and their family and ensures the removal of the RFID tag.