The Mount Sinai Hospital’s Professional Practice Model is “Mount Sinai Hospital Relationship-Centered Care” (MSHRCC). The professional practice model is the overarching framework within which nursing care is delivered. Our Care Delivery Model (how we organize the delivery of care) is Modified Primary Nursing. 

MSHRCC includes a practitioner’s relationship with their patients, the patients’ community, other practitioners and self which are central to health care. These relationships form the context by which people are helped to maintain their current level of functioning and the ability to face changes within themselves and their environments. Relationships with the community and with other practitioners are necessary in order to address fully the multiple manifestations and causes of illness and to promote well-being on a holistic level. Such relationships permit attention to a wider variety of options for caring and healing beyond the subspecialty cure focus that has become the norm. In addition, relationships among practitioners provide the moral, ethical, and spiritual basis for support and self-care.