The mission of Mount Sinai Heart Hospital is to provide our patients with an excellent experience from admission to discharge and beyond. Patients are educated on every aspect of their care and what to expect during their hospital stay and the recovery process. With the use of meaningful communication, human touch, emotional recognition, and a system of resources, patients will have the support needed throughout their stay and transition home. Caregivers are also taught the skills necessary to properly assist the patient once home. Our roles as practitioners do not end upon discharge. To avoid preventable readmissions, patient care is coordinated with other medical providers and services, such as Visiting Nurse Services (VNS). Patients and their caregivers are also provided with contact information for any issues that may arise, follow-up care, and the practitioner in charge of their care once discharged. All of these components combine to give the patients and their families the tools to recover successfully while having an excellent experience. Anything less than excellent is unacceptable.